A wonderful vintage world

Where would fashion be now without vintage? Designers are obsessed with recreating what’s been done in other decades and we constantly take reference from the past to design and create new concepts.

I have spent the whole day doing one of my favourite things in this world, visiting vintage shops in Bricklane and Camden, the previous day I went to Dalston and over the two days I have seriously scrutinised each of them, from the layout to the merchandising and the stock.

For  a few years now I have been going to St. Cyr Vintage at Camden stables market , and still to this date I praise and love it. The owner, Jessica Warnes, has excellent taste and knowledge in antiques and fashion, which is very obvious when you visit her shop.

The Merchandising

The shop has a lovely contrast of a black and white 60’s print wallpaper against the pink door and bookshelves.

Every single corner of St. Cyr is very well thought out and beautifully arranged, there are sections for every category of clothing, shoes, gloves, scarves, hats, bags, suitcases, jewellery and fashion magazines and books. Jessica has immaculate attention to detail, from gorgeous 1930’s and 1950’s dresses suspended from the ceiling to the five cabinets full of gorgeous jewellery, one of them displaying a pair of Dior circa 1980’s clip on earrings and 1950’s cat eye sunglasses.

The fact that all the stock is always tidy and well-organized makes it very easy to shop and spot great pieces.

The product

There are items from the 1930’s to 1980’s, most of it is in great condition and cleaned.

The  dresses, coats and shoes collections are immense for the size of the shop and the jewellery selection is incredibly good which, sometimes makes it hard because there is so much choice.

I love the product and the prices even more, for its quality and condition everything is quite reasonable if not cheaper than most vintage shops I have been to, specially for the decade some of these items are from.

If you are a vintage lover like I am head to Camden and visit this truly awesome shop.


1960's wallpaper

1960’s wallpaper

Vintage magazines

Vintage magazines

The book corner

The book corner

Hats, this is only one third of the great selection there is.

Hats, this is only one third of the great selection there is.

Gloves & scarves
Gloves & scarves

1940's Glass beaded dress

1940’s Glass beaded dress

Glass beaded

Jessica Warnes, the owner.

Jessica Warnes, the owner.

BAG £50
1960's leather bag

1960’s leather bag

BAG £85

1950's leather bag

1950’s leather bag


1960's never worn with leather sole silver shoes

1960’s never worn with leather sole silver shoes

Clip on earrings heaven

Little soldiers, russian doll and more jewellery

Little soldiers, russian doll and more jewellery

Elizabeth Arden 1950's gift box

Elizabeth Arden 1950’s gift box


1950’s cat eye sunglasses & Dior 1980’s Circa earrings


1970’s rare wool & sheepskin coat

COAT £125 (NOT FOR SALE) I have just bought it.