Saturday 1: Music


Every Saturday I will be posting a “Current Mood” song, playlist or mix.

Today is a beautiful winter day in London, I’m having a glass of red wine and listening to Mi, a Nils Frahm track reworked by Soul Channel.

Erased Tapes Records is the label that represents Nils, they are going to realise an album of 9 reworks crafted by fans, all songs are incredible, but this is my favourite track, enjoy!


Not Just Another Field Day Playlist


The most exciting weekend in music in East London is coming up, it’s Field Day time! Is one of the best festivals in the city to enjoy great music, food and after parties.

Field Day is all we talk about in East London a week prior the festival, and even local radio stations and Spotify create special playlists to get us all even more excited about it, which is very useful in case you don’t know all bands playing. The Spotify playlist is good but far too long as it includes every artist in the line-up, but I came across a podcast in London Fields Radio that included a smaller yet interesting selection of songs. I haven’t stopped listening to it since l found it and am excited to share it.

The big names performing are FKA Twigs, Caribou, Kindness and Patti Smith among others, but the podcast by Zone 2unes doesn’t focus on these, only on less known acts,  great musicians but perhaps still under your radar. It also mentions some interesting facts about the artists that even surprised some of us, music snubs. It is a nicely put together mix that’s ideal for Field Day goers and new music fans.

Zone 2unes is a page that highlights emerging new music and up coming gigs in London, so if you love finding new music and going to gigs this is a great guide for you.

The Field Day podcast is also up in Spotify as Zone 2unes: Field Day 2015

Sweet POP Tune

Is Tropical

Is Tropical

Pop music is not in my top 5 to be honest, but I sometimes come across good pop songs and  have to shout about it, although this is electro-pop, not quite the same thing.

Cruise Control by IS TROPICAL, is the second single from their album Black Anything, which will be released sometime this year.

I hope the rest of the rest of the album is injected with the same sweet vibe as this song is, this is my sweet pop tune of the month.

An Exciting Time in Music

kiasmos-cover_vice_970x435 (1)

Kiasmos Album Cover

I can’t remember feeling as overwhelmed about new music as I am right now, really excited about the musicians I mention in this post. They have a very distinctive style, and their sound is a fusion of electronic, minimal, ambient, house and classical sounds.

The London based record label Erased Tapes is known by releasing avant-garde music, some of their artists include Kiasmos, Rival Consoles, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Olafur Arnalds and A Winged Victory for the Sullen, they are very talented and innovative musicians experimenting with minimal, electronic and classical beats, and this label is one to watch!

My boyfriend introduced me to most of this music, we both follow these artists and try to go to every show as soon as they announce it. I saw Kiasmos in Berlin in November and they were great, but I know their London show in St. John at Hackney Church in March is going to blow me away, Rival Consoles and Vessels are opening the gig.

So what inspired this playlist? Well, the 13 artists I’ve included in this playlist have announced upcoming gigs in London, check out Convergence 2015 to see Kiasmos, Rival Consoles, Clark, Vassels and Pantha Du Prince in March. St. John Church, where these gigs are taking place, is a magical venue for this type of music, I genuinely think these shows will be incredible.

Slow Magic will play at the Oval Space this month and Nils Frahm at the Roundhouse in May.

Something slightly different to a gig, but nevertheless incredible, it’s Random Dance Atoms, the 2013 show by the acclaimed choreographer  Wayne McGregor.  The music for the entire show was created by A Winged Victory for the Sullen, and it was played live during the performance, this is happening again but only for two dates,  the 13th and 14th February, it’s one not to miss.

Enjoy the playlist!

Into the Dark


Paul Morrissey, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin and Tim Buckley.

I was looking at some images of the 1960’s music scene for an article I wrote for  Airport-Magazine  next issue, in fact I was looking at the photo above while listening to one of my playlists in Spotify when Golden Arrow by Darkside came on, suddenly my mood changed, this song and the photo made me think of other obscured songs, talented artists whose lives might have ended in tragedy and troubled souls.

I thought of Pink Floyd instantly because Darkside’s music reminded me of some songs by the group, I even wondered whether the name Darkside and their experimental sound was inspired by “The Darkside of the Moon” by Pink Floyd, but anyway, that’s a different subject. I then thought of Syd Barret, who was Pink Floyd’s original lead singer but  left the band in 1968 because of his mental illness.

Then Janis Joplin came to my mind, the 60’s queen of psychedelic blues who sadly died in 1970, also Hendrix, who died a couple of weeks before Janis, and then of course  the troubled soul of Jim Morrison.

As  I continued to listen to music, depressing but beautiful songs I searched for imagery that represents the mood I’m in,  although some photos don’t related to each other they all bring nostalgia and even sadness, a dark and uneasy feeling, which I find in Diane Arbus  photography.

Troubled Souls

Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd in 1970

Pink Floyd in 1970


Janis Joplin



Jim Morrison on stage in 1968


JIm Morrison


Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Glastonbury Music Festival in Pilton, Somerset, [Circa. 1960/197

Glastonbury 1970

Mia Farrow by Diane Arbus

Mia Farrow by Diane Arbus


Twins by Diane Arbus


Flower Girl Wedding 1964 by Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus

The Blitz & it’s the 40’s all over again


My style has evolved over the years, as I mentioned in my previous post I spent most of my 20’s dressed and inspired by the fabulous 80’s, wearing structured jackets, dresses with pad shoulders, glitter and big hair. As I have got older I’ve  developed a fascination for 1940’s fashion,  for elegant and flattering outfits which are so distinctive in this decade, beautiful summer dresses in flower and polka dot prints, knee length skirts, structured belted jackets with pad shoulders and coats with fur trims, there was so much attention to detail from head to toe, it started with the immaculate hairdo, then  outfit and accessories, such as round sunglasses and last but not least, stockings.

The photo above is a beautiful shot that simply captures the era, it was taken by my favourite film director, a genius and film master, Stanley Kubrick.


1943_fashion_the style factory blog


Novelty sweaters, 1940’s.


Flattering & elegant dresses from the 40’s


Betty Grable


Paris, 1940’s.


Last month I celebrated my 30th birthday, I am officially a lady so what better than a stylish party in which my friends and I get to dress up in my favourite era,  it’s the Blitz Party! a once every three months event hosted at a secret location which is revelled only a few days before the party.

It is one of the best parties I have been to, there was an incredible live band playing all night, characteristic cocktails of the decade and people dressed in fabulous outfits, everyone really made an effort and dressed up in 1940’s,  it was a very fun night and having my friend Leroy there to photograph this incredible evening was the cherry on the cake.

I highly recommend The Blitz Party, do not wait until the lat minute to book tickets because it is  a very popular night and it sells out quickly, you will love to be a sailor, soldier or an elegant lady from the 1940’s.

Leroy Charles Anderson Photography


Juliete Essence, fashion designer and Yolisa, TV presenter.






Leroy and I


Kavita Ahir, model.


Amok & Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke

I have been a Radiohead fan ever since the first time I heard Creep, and although I can’t listen to this song anymore due to the fact I overplayed it during my teenage years I own every album they have made and their music has never dissapointed me. Their sound has changed over the years and although it is now completely different to the indi rock tunes they made at the beginning of their career you cannot compare the two at all, they have simply grown as musicians and explored other genres, such as electronic music, their sound has evolved, perhaps alienating some of their early fans during the transition but also making new ones along the way.

I, in the other hand, have loved and praised every album they have ever made, also Thom Yorke’s solo material. He is one talented man with a beautiful voice and unique song writing. I’m slightly fascinated by him as a musician as well as his persona, he is a bit odd and crazy, nevertheless, very entertaining to watch. His music is constantly moving forward and I’m intrigued to see what he will be producing in 10 years time, I really hope he continues to surprise us, whether it might be as a front man of my favourite band, Radiohead, in Atoms for Peace or solo.

Amok is ‘Atoms for Peace’ first album, a band formed by Thom Yorke, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Nigel Godrich (Radiohead producer), Joey Waronker (Beck & R.E.M) and Mauro Refosco, they have been playing together on and off since 2009. This is an alternative rock and electronica record, but the sound isn’t as obscured as Radiohead’s Kid A or Amnesiac, more like a continuation of Yorke’s first solo material, The Eraser.

It was released on February 25th on XL Recordings, I personally love each of the 9 songs but I do wonder, whether the entire album is that good or perhaps it’s because to me York is a genius and in my eyes he can do no wrong.

Odd dancing, Thom Yorke’s trademark.

Thom Yorke on the cover of my favourite magazine, Dazed and Confused last month, not only the cover made me smile but also the interview by Tim Noaks and the mixtape he specially did for Dazed Digital.

Dazed and Confused February Issue.

Dazed and Confused February Issue.

Thom Yorke 30 minute Boiler Room DJ set.

High & Dry from The Bends, Radiohead’s second album.