What Happened Next on Miles Aldridge’s Photography


How to Catch a Thief 1955


Rich & Strange 1931

The White Shadow_Thestylefactoryblog

The White Shadow 1923


Birds 1963


Notorious 1946

A few days ago while watching Alfred Hitchcock’s How to Catch a Thief  I found myself thinking about the extraordinary career he had, he was the master of suspense and had a very distinctive editorial style, the way he framed shots to maximise tension and the unpredictable, the violence, crime &  twisted endings of his films were his trademark, he also had an obsession for  blonde female characters as the leading role.

As a child I used to watch Hitchcock’s TV series every Monday at midnight while my parents were in bed, I was only 7 but I got hooked instantly and as I got older I continued to watch his films. I’m only one of many fans who loves and admires his work,  he has been a major influence to many artists and not only in the film industry but also in photography.

Miles Aldridge is an English photographer, he has been producing incredible imagery for over 13 years, he has done fashion editorials for Numero, The New Yorker, Pop, Chinese Vogue, American Vogue, Vogue Russia and especially Vogue Italia, in which his work has consistently appeared since 2000.

There is an element of Hitchcock’s style in Aldridge’s photography and Miles himself has openly said the acclaimed director has been a source of inspiration for his work, I believe it is his predominant use of  glamorous and beautiful women, an obsession which Hitchcock had, or perhaps it is the feeling that’s captured in his rich and colourful photos, a sensation that something disturbing or chaotic is about to happen, just like in Hitchcock’s films.

There are two exhibitions of Miles Aldridge’s work in London,  I Only Want You to Love Me at the Somerset House until the 29th September and Short Breaths, at the Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery until the 28th September,  It would be a shame to miss them.


Cabaret, Vogue Italia 2006


Diva, Numero 2005


Dance Study, Paradis 2008


Lie Wen for Vogue Italia, February 2011

59695_0290 (2).tif

So Poetic, Vogue Italia 2006


Le Manage Enchante, Numero 2007


Immaculee, Numero 2007


Home Works, Vogue Italia 2008


A Dazzling Beauty, Vogue Italia 2008



Dinner Party, Vogue Italia 2009


A Precious Glam Num.2 2011


Cat Story, Vogue Italia 2008


Blooming, Vogue Italia 2007


Miles Aldridge