The Magic House in Dalston

Dalston House has been without a doubt the most exciting art installation I’ve seen since Carsten Holler’s big slides at the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in 2007. It is an installation by argentine artist Leandro Erlich, known for his three-dimensional visual illusions, his latest project is a reconstructed house facade lying face-up and a mirror positioned over it at a 45-degree angle, the mirror reflects your image and creates the illusion that you are walking up the walls or dangling from the window, the possibilities are endless.

After a few attempts to get in, or shall I say, on Dalston House, I finally did it last Saturday morning, and although it only lasted 4 minutes I enjoyed every second of it. It was so interesting to see how the viewer interacted with the house and just let their imagination go in order to create the illusion of walking on the walls, dangling up side down from a window or even crawling from the bottom to the top of the house, it is fair to say the experience wouldn’t be complete without a camera and a friend or someone photographing you on the house.

I went with my friend John and regardless the hot weather and the 1 hour queue we waited with excitement, just like a pair of kids, I found myself thinking of the objects I could have brought or outfits worn to create a more surreal illusion, for me it was all about capturing those moments in photographs.

Dalston House is on Ashwin Street, the road before mine, which makes it impossible to walk past without having a peak of what people do and what age they are, I really enjoyed watching a group of three friends in their late 50’s or quite possibly early 60’s, suspended one from another like a chain, screaming and doing funny facial expressions, you don’t see things like this every day so, visit this magical house and let your inner child go!

Dalston House by Beyond Barbican, 1-7 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL, free.

Women in Black

These two girls were playing and posing on the house once it had been closed to the public, I was walking past and managed to take these photos with my phone.




Never let me go

My friend John dangling from the top of the house and I’m holding onto his foot while a woman stares at us with panic from the window.


A mysterious man

A man is walking up the wall as he is coming to rescue us, John is only holding both of us with one hand and I don’t want to let go of my handbag.



Testing Gravity

John reckons it’s time to play and test the laws of gravity and floats up side down while I’m busy taking pictures.


A different perspective

My world is up side down and I like it.