Life is pink & beautiful

I have always associated happiness to the colour pink and that’s the meaning behind my favourite phrase… “Life is pink & beautiful”.

Pink lipstick, handbags, blouses, jumpers and the amount of things I own in this colour is probably a bit ridiculous.

It was a snowy London last week and it’s still pretty cold but I haven’t let myself  get under the weather this time, how? well, colour it’s all you need, also fur! I’m over the moon about  finally wearing this fabulous piece.

My pink rabbit fur pom pom jacket! Some people might actually think I’m totally shallow for going on about this piece but even looking at it makes me smile. What I wear says who I am and the outfits I choose each day say how I feel in that particular day,  it’s my pink fur happy jacket which describes me best.

Giorgio Armani AW11

Giorgio Armani AW11

Pink rabbit fur pom pom jacket “The Happy Jacket” by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Jacket AW11

Giorgio Armani Jacket AW11

Emporio Armani Sequin Flower Hardware Necklace

Emporio Armani Sequin Flower Hardware Necklace


3 thoughts on “Life is pink & beautiful

  1. Hello, my name is Yoshitomo Tanno.
    I am very interested in your fur coat of Giorgio Armani 2011 aw.
    I am searching for it very long time. Could you sell the coat to me when you feel like to do?

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