Here comes the rain…inside the Barbican

Two months ago I posted this photo on my Facebook page and so many people asked me what it was and where it was taken so, since Rain Room is still on until March 2013 I wanted to mention it on my blog for those who haven’t heard of it yet.

The Rain Room

Rain Room is an experimental artwork by Random International, in which the audience interacts with the installation by entering the room and walking under the rain but without getting wet, it’s like controlling it. How does it work? Through sensors.

During each visit only five people are allowed at a time, expect to queue up to 2 hours so I recommend to go 30 mins before it opens on weekends or very early on weekdays and did I mention it is free?

To information on the exhibition opening hours check out the link below

Dancers will perform inside Rain Room on four Sundays during the exhibition from Sun 20 Jan to 24 Feb, it is a very interesting and unique experience that can’t be missed!


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