CFConcept, an edgy new brand

One of my favourite topics, jewellery!

I attended to the launch party of the new jewellery brand CFConcept. It was held at the Hollywood Rd Gallery in West London, a lovely and ideal place for the event, it was a very enjoyable & successful evening and at the end of the night many guest left happy with their purchases.

The designer Charlotte Flyvholm, also a model and actress, has embarked on the very exciting project of creating the CFConcept, a  brand  characterised by unconventional beauty and distinctive designs.

Her debut collection was inspired by her travels, photos and sketches she collected over the years, but her Scandinavian roots and appreciation of Nordic style have been her main source of inspiration.

Crafted from gold and silver her line features unique pieces meticulously finished to the highest quality. Pieces start from £100 and there is something for everyone, from feminine necklaces to edgy designs such as the Mastiff Ring or my favourite, the Norman Ring, a unisex piece totally suitable for rock chicks like me.

Fashion is such a competitive industry and I imagine how difficult it is  for designers to come up with  beautiful, innovative and affordable items, so when I notice a brand or designer that ticks those boxes I’m immediately a fan. I think Charlotte Flyholm is a very talented woman and I can’t wait to see  CFConcept’s  second collection.



Charlotte Flyvholm & Oxidese Mata Pendants


Klint Necklace

Klint Necklace


RWTS Ring, Mastiff Ring & Mastiff Wire Ring.

RWTS Ring, Mastiff Ring & Mastiff Wire Ring.


Norman ring, in 925 silver with an emerald at £190, also available in  22 carat gold vermeil at £310

Norman ring

Norman ring

Stephen Fry, fan of the Norman Ring.

stephen fry

Rough Cut Diamond Ring

Rough Cut Diamond Ring

Dome bracelet, in 22 carat gold vermeil with white enamel at £975 or in 925 silver and black enamel at £710.

Dome Bracelet

Dome Bracelet


Charlotte Flyvholm, CFConcept founder and guest.

Charlotte Flyvholm, CFConcept founder and guest.





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